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Board of Directors: Meet the Team


Board Member

Pamela is a sustainability-focused community and economic development strategist, with over 18 years of experience in community organizing and engagement, strategic planning, hospitality, and operations management, and whole-community ecosystem building.  Pamela is a seasoned program director, corporate communicator, grant writer/administrator, and content developer.  As a publicist and business development consultant through her own brand, The Brickerati Group, Pamela produces audience engagement and brand growth campaigns and productions for clients., who are impact-driven enterprises, municipalities, non-profits, and artists.  Pamela currently serves on the Board of several businesses in various positions.



Board of Directors

Stephanie holds two master’s degrees in education and has been an educator in Newark, NJ for the past 16 years.  Throughout her career, she has held various positions involving social-emotional learning. Outside of her role as an educator, for the past eight years, she serves as a behavioral assistant, mentor, tutor, and parent coach for the State of New Jersey assisting families who have children with behavioral and cognitive challenges that affect their learning and social development.  Along with a licensed therapist, she helps families by providing behavioral interventions and strategies to help youth cope and self-regulate in times of crisis.  In addition, she has served as a support worker for the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD), facilitating group circles and self-sufficiency training for program participants.  However, being a good, supportive mom is her proudest accomplishment.



Board Member & Block Captain – Sanford Place

Vicki is a 40-year resident, who enjoys reading, all forms of the arts, traveling, and crosswords puzzles. What drew Vicki to the block association initially was an interest in getting to know her neighbors, learning more about the city services, and a desire to promote safety and provide help for our community. After seeing there was a need to fulfill a role as an officer, Vicki made the decision to become a block captain and from that time on, made it her goal to help the block association succeed in serving residents.


Board of Directors: Meet the Team


Founder & President

Valerie is a foster parent, full-time homeschool teacher, substance abuse counselor, chaplain, and President and Founder of Sanford Place Block Association & Friends, Inc., where she acts on behalf of neighborhood residents to improve their quality of life. As a founder, member, and ally of several non-profit and cultural organizations, including Newark Police Chaplaincy, Heart of Vailsburg Block Club, Ivy Hill Neighborhood Association, and LISC Vailsburg Collective, Valerie’s motto is simple and one which she truly exemplifies: “I love to help.”



Vice President

Darlene is a mother of 1 (son) and 30-year resident of Sandford Place. Darlene is a licensed real estate agent who enjoys walking, traveling and family gatherings (when it is safe to resume). Darlene joined the block association to become aware of what is occurring in our community. She responded to a need to keep residents informed regarding services available to them by becoming an officer. She believes that if all residents are aware of the activities that concern them, they can make educated decisions and also prevent residents from becoming victims of criminal activity.




Janice is a certified executive coach and corporate trainer who enjoys walking, hiking, traveling and being a part of Toastmasters public speaking organization. Being a part of the block association allows Janice to advocate positive change for our neighborhood. She believes that together we can provide solutions to challenging issues in and make effective changes to make our neighborhood safe, clean, and beautiful. She takes pride in living in a community that people are proud to live and work in and believes this is achievable by working together.




Jonai is a wife and mother to three sons and one daughter. She loves crafting, decorating, volunteering at the children’s schools, learning how to garden, traveling, and spending time with family. She is a Senior Probation Officer and a Shop Steward for her Union. She is a Parent Advocate with the Unapologetic Parents Group and a sworn Notary Public. As a new homeowner in the community, it was important for Jonai to become active in the neighborhood. She and her family were excited to join the Sanford Place Block Association and immediately became active. Jonai believes that in order to maintain a safe and sustainable neighborhood, her family must be engaged in their community.



Sergeant at Arms

Anthony is a husband and father, a movie, gaming, biking, hiking and reading enthusiast, who enjoys spending time with his family. Anthony is a guest relations leader in his church and an expert machine operator by trade, wherein both capacities he utilizes his abilities to train and mentor peers. He joined and now serves with the block association officers to get involved in the community and to get to know his neighbors.



District Leader & Block Captain - Marsac Place

Rhonda is a resident of Marsac Place for over 20 years, a proud mother of a Newark Public Charter School salutatorian and imminent Yale graduate, who enjoys cooking, thrifting, enlightening, facilitating, and healing. Rhonda has been an active member of our block association, its expanded coalitions, and the community since becoming a homeowner and has enthusiastically served as co-District Leader with Senator Rice for almost 2 decades, demonstrating her passion and dedication to our community.



Block Captain - Kerrigan Boulevard

Ken is a husband and father, a filmmaker, photographer, producer and music enthusiast, who enjoys spending time with his family. Ken is a former youth football coach, who still coaches and mentors many youths throughout the City of Newark. He joined SPBA as a Block Captain and is ready to make an impact on Kerrigan Boulevard and with the block association. Ken wants to get involved in the community and to get to know his neighbors.



Block Captain - Fleetwood Place

Gwendolyn is an involved neighbor and friend to the community who has lived on Fleetwood since 1980 where she proudly states hers and her neighbor’s children grew up on the block together. Gwen has worked with many of our residents to help our community to grow; always striving for our block to be a safe and happy one. She became a block captain to help address any issues or concerns about our block and to be a resource to fellow residents.


CatchAFire, Sponsored by RWJ Barnabas
City of Newark, Office of the Mayor
City of Newark, Office of Public Works
City of Newark, 6th Police Precinct
City of Newark, West Ward City Council
Ivy Hill Neighborhood Association
Newark Green Team
Unified Vailsburg Services Organization
Vailsburg Park Restoration Coalition

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City of Newark - Love Your Block

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"Where every block that touches ours is safe and sound" has been the mantra for our community since the inception of our block association.

A Sanford Place Block Association & Friends 2021 community survey uncovered that our residents have safety and blight challenges with their homes. Many residents do not meet City of Newark income requirements to qualify for assistance. They are also not able to cover costs of extensive and needed repairs, nor do their ages and abilities permit them on their own.

Your gifts matter. Your partnership matters. Your participation matters. The safety and wellness of our community depends upon them.

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