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Current & Upcoming Initiatives: Welcome

Sanford Place Block Association & Friends has BIG(GER) PLANS FOR 2021 & BEYOND!
Learn more about these initiatives and get in touch with us to see how you can get involved and help make an impact in our community.

Current & Upcoming Initiatives: Programs



MISSION: To promote, secure, and protect physical, social, and environmental sustainability by providing homeowners and businesses with methods to resolve repairs, maintenance, and pollutant issues.

The vast majority of our residents have lived in our community for 30+ years. Many survive on low and fixed incomes, under or at the poverty level. Many are just above poverty and are not eligible for available assistance. While they are proud to maintain nice homes, the cost of upkeep has left them unable to remove blight, make necessary repairs, and most importantly, address home safety hazards. Therefore, we are pursuing donors to fund our multi-year Homecare Initiative.

GOAL: Renovate & Repair 80 Homes, 12 Local Businesses

Our 5-year goal for 2021 is to raise $750K to reverse the effects of decades of wear and tear on our neighbor's homes, as well as to bring a much-needed face-lift to the local

business facades in our area.



MISSION: To raise environmental sustainability consciousness and facilitate green and clean practices throughout the year.

In addition, we will be expanding upon our current environmental enhancement and beautification efforts with the Sustainable Sanford initiative. This effort is designed to create a greener, more environmentally conscientious community.

We will also strive to make cleanliness and maintenance of individual and shared spaces a cooperative and year-round effort.

GOAL: Cross-Community Projects Each Quarter

Supported through volunteerism and financial investment, we are targeting $20K as our goal for education and quarterly projects.


MISSION: To institute solutions to address gaps in resources and increase the visibility of the block association, residents, and partners to maintain Gold Star safety standards.

Public safety was the top concern identified in our 2020 annual community survey. Following up on the installation of a much-needed traffic light on the corner of Sanford Avenue and Sanford Place, we are also seeking support and funding to add security cameras at traffic lights and strategic positions throughout the community.

GOAL: Invest in Research, Infrastructure, Tech & Neighborhood Renaissance

Our estimated need for the Safe Sanford initiative is $30K.



"Where every block that touches ours is safe and sound" has been the mantra for our community since the inception of our block association.

A Sanford Place Block Association & Friends 2021 community survey uncovered that our residents have safety and blight challenges with their homes. Many residents do not meet City of Newark income requirements to qualify for assistance. They are also not able to cover costs of extensive and needed repairs, nor do their ages and abilities permit them on their own.

Your gifts matter. Your partnership matters. Your participation matters. The safety and wellness of our community depends upon them.

Current & Upcoming Initiatives: Text
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