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Thu, Apr 11


April: Sanford Place Block Association Monthly Meeting

Meeting Concluded: Next Meeting:
May 9th 2024, 07:00 PM
April: Sanford Place Block Association Monthly Meeting
April: Sanford Place Block Association Monthly Meeting

Time & Location

Apr 11, 2024, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

About the event

Meeting Minutes: 

Opening Remarks:

Meeting was called to order with an opening prayer at 07:00PM by President Valerie Crute. 

The Following Guest Spoke: 

Captain of the 6th Precinct:  Captain Henningsenr

Community Check-In Program:

The new 6th Precinct “Community Check-In” program, Officers shall utilize their city issued cell phones while on duty to send a brief text message to an area resident or community stakeholder. The message will simply indicate to the recipient that the officer will be in the area on patrol and they are to feel free to text their concerns and suggestions for patrol activities. This program is not intended to supersede dispatch operations in any way. Citizens must call 6000 or 911 to properly address their emergency needs or issues that require a report.

The message you will receive is brief following the below example: “Good (Morning / Evening) this is officer Smith of the Newark Police Division I am currently on duty from (08am to 8 pm) in your area” I will be working (indicate your days) please let me know any areas of concern I can visit while on patrol. Please remember to call 911 for emergencies/ 733-6000 for all other matters that require police response” for more information or to register for the program email has been provided.


Chief Sustainability Officer:  Mrs. Nichole Hewitt- Cabral

Three areas of Focus:

1.  Tree planting – “Our Superintendent and myself will put you on a list to replace the tree but we are thinking more strategically than individually planting and replacing trees. We are really thinking about how to have a more intentional strategy across the city. We've actually started that last week; we planted 75 trees across the city including the West Ward. We planted on Oakland Terrace, Norman Road and around the Boydland's recreation center. It’s really exciting this is one of the largest tree planting efforts and we're going to plan about 150 more trees next week in different areas of the city, and I think that there are ways that you all want to get involved either with planting trees and maintaining trees. Just to specify, these trees are being planted in that area between the sidewalk and in the street. We need all hands-on deck. We need everyone to help with maintaining the trees, watering them, reporting when trees are being damaged, help with Outreach to our neighbors and our family members and our loved ones explaining why trees are important and what we could do to maintain them. If you like to help us, get involved with anything involving our tree planting effort, anything involving Community Gardens - if you're interested in gardening and joining a garden tree work, we’re building out a strategy to really bring the city together and leading them to just a healthier environment.  There's a lot of research that Newark is the second hottest heat island in the country, which is a way of saying we're much hotter than our neighbors, we’re right after New Orleans and right before New York city. It could be 15 or more degrees hotter in different parts of Newark than it is in surrounding areas like Maplewood.  What that mean is that there will be more hospital visits, higher asthma rates and the effects on our mental health., safety - crime goes up in areas that are hotter without trees. There's a lot of quality of life and health and safety reasons why having a Greener City with more trees is really important and that's mayor Baraka's top sustainability priority. If you were able to hear or attend the state of the city address, he spoke about sustainability and the importance of trees. We have revamped our tree removal of process, in the past a resident could call and get a tree removed, now there's a more in-depth process.  We are requesting that everyone use Newark connect or C click fix to report any tree that you think is dangerous or causes damage.  That information will be sent to our tree crew, and our tree Superintendent will make a determination based off of an inspection to determine   if the tree presents a safety risk or treated otherwise. There is also a process in place when trees are being planted.  If you had a tree removed, and you would like it re-planted, we also ask that you use C click fix or Newark connect to report a tree that you would like to be re-placed, that information will also go to the tree Superintendent.”

2.  Sustainable Food Systems – “is just a very fancy way of saying what we're trying to get locally and healthy grown food in Newark to the mouths of Newarkers, especially those that need it the most. We have a few programs right now that the sustainability team is working on to Resource local Growers and those that distribute”.

3.  Climate Resilience – “is another area of focus, again a fancy way of saying with all of these different disasters we are facing.  I believe we experiencing what it feels like sometimes on a daily basis, whether it's earthquakes, smoke, record-breaking flood, hurricane and superstorm. You know we're in many ways inundated with natural disasters and it's kind of a way of life. So how do we want to bounce back and how do we sort of weather all of these different storms in different ways that we're facing and how do we come out of it even stronger as a community?  For several years, we have been working with the Newark office here in the city to think about that. What we've been doing is working with high school students to teach them how to build solar panels. They've actually constructed mobile solar panels that we have placed strategically in different nonprofits around the city, so I wanted to share with you that the westward has two locations. Solar Palace mobile solar panels and shoe locations. One at the Urban League healthy lifestyle Center, as well as the Garden of Hope.  What sold the panels are, the use of solar energy, they don't need to be charged by electricity and in the event of a disaster, even just a blackout, there’s a place in the community where folks can go to plug in their phones, more importantly plug in their medical equipment if there's an emergency and a place to hub as a common meeting ground and get resources. We are First Responders and having being able to equip and be equipped to support each other is extremely important. This is really an innovative program that we have launched and we are having community events to showcase each of the solar panels for the West Ward in June.”


Representative from the Council man Office: Marvin Villette

Mr. Villette thanked Mrs. Hewett-Cabral for the great work that she is doing on the sustainability program. He spoke briefly on questions from residents with ongoing issues with loud music and the sanitation department.


Closing Remarks:

President SPBA: Valerie Crute – Spoke on upcoming fundraising events by the Sanford Place Block Association & Friends and the past event on March 30th 2024 where the team along with community members had a wonderful fun event bowling at the Bolero

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